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Finding ATV riding trails for public use can be challenging, particularly if you want to take an out-of-state trip and make a vacation out of your pastime. Use this helpful guide to find public trails across the United States, or learn useful, region-specific tips to make riding more comfortable and fun for you.

Northeast - Although ATV riding in the winter is uncommon due to heavy snow and inclement weather, fall attracts plenty of tourists to the region's wooded riding trails. Enjoy the crisp autumn air and stunning fall foliage by exploring these popular ATV trails in the Northeast:

  • Maine - The extensive ATV trail network coursing throughout Maine is mostly privately owned, and you must belong to a club that has been granted permission to use them. However, you may bump along public trails owned by the Bureau of Parks and Lands, including those found in Mt. Blue State Park, located in the southwestern corner of the state. Here you can enjoy ATV riding trails surrounded by the natural wildlife and verdant landscape that only Maine can offer.
  • Pennsylvania - Allegheny National Forest encompasses over 510,000 acres in northern Pennsylvania. This heavily wooded and hilly area is the perfect place to watch summer greenery transition into a gorgeous display of autumn foliage. The park also boasts five main ATV trails varying from 10- to 40-mile loops, ranging in degrees of difficulty from easy to difficult. Camping is available off most trails.

South and Southeast - ATV riding trails in the South can be fun, but they come with plenty of heat and humidity during the summer. Stay cool and avoid heat exhaustion by wearing a vented face mask and shirt made of breathable material, as well as drinking plenty of water.

  • Tennessee - The Coal Creek Trails in Oliver Springs, Tenn., has over 160 miles of moderate-terrain trails and great scenery. You can purchase an all-day riding permit from the campground office for less than $20. For lighter traveling, you can rent an ATV and leave yours at home.
  • West Virginia - Rated the "Top ATV Trail System on the East Coast" by Dirt Wheels magazine in 2008, the Hatfield and McCoy Trails located in southern West Virginia feature over 500 miles of ATV riding paths. Beginning in Charleston and heading southwest, you can experience a wide variety of terrain ranging from easy to extremely difficult and beautiful mountain scenic views.
  • Southwest - One attractive feature of an ATV trail in the Southwest is the sheer number of remote and uninhibited camping opportunities that are available in the desert, mountains, lakes and canyons. If you are going on a backwoods camping trip, be sure to pack appropriately. The desert is hot during the day, but can be cold at night. Pack for both extremes to remain safe, as well as comfortable.
  •  Arizona - Sprinkled throughout central and southern Arizona are primitive ATV trails just waiting to be explored. recommends exploring Box Canyon of the Hassayampa Trail, an intermediate to difficult 13-mile trail through the desert. Along the way, stop through ghost towns and cemetaries for a glimpse into the old Southwest. 

West - Riding at high mountain altitudes can be a challenge, and handling physical exertion on your 4-wheeler can be tricky in the thin, low-oxygen mountain air. If you're travelling here for a vacation, take a few days to adjust to the climate. You'll feel better while riding and be less likely to be affected by altitude sickness.

  • Utah - The Moab riding region in Southeast Utah is renowned for breathtaking and challenging ATV riding, and rightfully so. Make your way through the lush, dramatic landscape of the Colorado River Canyon. Summit the appropriately named "Top of the World" scenic point, where you can survey 360-degree panoramic views of mountains, sweeping red rock valleys and dense mineral beds. If you don't want to camp, spend the night along your route in one of the many lodging opportunities that offer spectacular views. 
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Now that you know the region and trails you want to explore on your ATV, and have riding tips to make your excursion more comfortable, all you have to do is pack your things and get going. Riding in a new or unfamiliar area always poses as a risk for theft or damages to your ATV. Be sure to protect your investment with a comprehensive ATV insurance policy. Contact a company, like Nationwide, for ATV insurance discounts and more today.

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Find a Great ATV Trail by Region

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